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Attending interviews

So, you’ve got your interview coming up – are you fully prepared?

And here are some tips about the interview questions……

Your interview will be a series of questions designed to find out more about you. Questions they ask you should be open ended to encourage you to answer in full sentences. For example:

  • Tell me about…..?
  • How did you……?
  • Give full answers – avoid saying just yes or no
  • Listen carefully to the question – make sure you understand. It’s OK to ask them to repeat the question if you need to hear it again.
  • Think before you answer – you can pause to think!
  • Provide examples to demonstrate your answers – you need to think about this beforehand so that you are prepared. Try this to help you.
  • Don’t ramble or give unnecessary information
  • Be Positive! – for example, don’t be critical of your school/college/part-time employer or even yourself.
  • Enter into a dialogue – interviews are a two way process
  • Be prepared to ask follow up questions yourself and have some questions of your own (link to preparing for interview) to ask
  • If you get stuck, pause and say “Would it be possible to have some extra time to think about this?” and ask to come back to it later
  • Ask when you will be likely to hear about the outcome of the interview.
  • Thank them for their time
  • Smile and shake hands when you say goodbye!

Good Luck!

Stamp images: Carved Man by Lewis, Highdown by Joe, Worthing landscape Kevin, Arundel by Megan, Barn owl ©Darin SmithSussex Wildlife Trust.