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Welcome to the Pathway teacher zone – content for this section is still being created.

In fact, we are in discussion with the University of Chichester Institute of Education regarding their students creating resources as part of their studies. We will announce once the resources are live.

The plan is………At the bottom of the landing page for each Pathway postcard (the first page you come to when you click on a postcard on the home page) you will find lesson plans, bite size activities, activity and resource sheets. These materials will have been designed to support you to use Pathway as a teaching tool and they will have been left as Word documents so that you may adapt them to suit your own requirements. The activity and resource sheets are referenced in the lesson plans or bite size activities.

There are links to the landing pages of each postcard at the top of this page.

Here is a key to the icons used to represent these materials on each of the landing pages.

   Lesson plan                         Bite size activity

  Activity sheet                       Resource sheet


We welcome your feedback, so if you have used Pathway as Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance tool please let us know!

There is a survey that you and your students can complete here….

Please email Georgina Angele, Senior Partnerships Manager at georgina@lovelocaljobs.com or tweet us @CWS_EMS

Stamp images: Carved Man by Lewis, Highdown by Joe, Worthing landscape Kevin, Arundel by Megan, Barn owl ©Darin SmithSussex Wildlife Trust.